Only the Risk Harbor untradeable ticket token has been released! Please be aware of any scams or fraud.

The only objective risk management marketplace.

An algorithmic, transparent, and impartial protocol that removes the need for trusted intermediaries.

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Hacks are costly.

$700+ million of crypto assets lost due to hacks.

We can help.

Risk Harbor helps protect your capital in DeFi projects.

Lightning fast claims.

Instant payouts with objective claim assessments.

The best rates.

Lowest rates with market-informed dynamic pricing.

Get rewarded for protecting capital in protocols.

Underwrite capital and earn additional rewards on your already productive assets.

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Buy protection with Risk Harbor today.

We are constantly adding new protocols to help boost our user earnings, security, and ensure all community feedback is heard.

A platform based on risk assessment and data.

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Objective Claims

Claims are evaluated impartially by smart contracts and not humans or oracles, allowing for instant payouts.

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Risk Composability

Protect against specific risks, allowing users to tailor protection to their unique risk profiles and further maximize yields.

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Infinite Permutations

Protect an asset with any other asset including productive assets. Resell risk to minimize risk and maximize rewards.

Backed by the best investors in the industry.

We're supported by some of the top crypto investors, founders, and operators.

Pantera Capital
Framework Ventures
Bain Capital Ventures
Digital Currency Group
Coinbase Ventures
Nima Capital

Naval Ravikant

Founder, AngelList

Anthony Pompliano

Founder, Pomp Investments

Santiago Roel Santos

Investor, Ro Capital

Noah Jessop

Investor, Proof Group

Ashleigh Schap

Growth Lead, Uniswap

Nikil Viswanathan and Joe Lau

Founders of Alchemy

Do Kwon

Co-founder & CEO, Terra Money

Seb Audet

Co-founder & CEO, Zapper

Tyler Ward

Co-founder & CEO, BarnBridge